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Artspoken and Reviews

Emotional Creature is heartbreaking and hopeful
Jennifer de Klerk: Every teenage girl needs to see this show; one way or another it will resonate with the very essence of who they are. | more...

Jennifer de Klerk - 26/07/2014 09:49:13

What's On in Gauteng: July 26-Aug 3
Jennifer de Klerk: New on the boards is Athol Fugard in his latest play “Shadow of the Hummingbird” opening at the Market Theatre on Wednesday. | more...

Jennifer de Klerk - 26/07/2014 09:32:16

An open letter to Megan Furniss
Ismail Mahomed: Writing to Megan Furniss to set the record straight! | more...

Ismail Mahomed - 25/07/2014 09:56:07

* more...