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Blinking phones!

Invitation to the audience at the Whitney Houston show – mute your devices, but you’re welcome to record video for the website. Grrrr! So distracting and annoying! I came to see the show, not a forest of screens! – Jennifer de Klerk

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Artspoken and Reviews

Artwrap Gauteng: January 31 to February 8
Jennifer de Klerk:  It’s music all the way this week with the sounds of Queen in Pretoria, Whitney Houston in Joburg and a feast of classic music all around the city. | more...

Jennifer de Klerk - 31/01/2015 10:10:48

Capturing the sound of Whitney
Jennifer de Klerk: It was party time at the Joburg Theatre as the audience danced in the aisles to the music of Whitney Houston. | more...

Jennifer de Klerk - 31/01/2015 10:09:24

Catch Cat singing Judy
Don Albert: Cat Sings Judy! at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square. | more...

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